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Drone parts

Mortar Art sells and designs drone parts, primarily for the DJI Phantom series of ready to fly quadrotors. Some of these products were designed with specific internal company needs in mind, and have since been offered for sale due to public interest. Others still have been made on request. We are able to rapidly prototype custom mounts, landing gear and mechanical parts as well as handle production on a contract, one-off or large batch basis.

Universal Mount Lite

UAV Products


Digital photography has been a long term passion of the team at Mortar Art, and as we’ve travelled and learned Photogrammetry our skills as dedicated photographers have improved. As a bonus to the other services offered, Mortar Art can deliver professional quality photography for reference material, product shots, website content and more.



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About Us

Mortar Art is a new, agile company aimed at providing a range of technical services and consulting in the digital art and design fields. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the team behind Mortar Art offer a wealth of experience in related and complimenting fields.

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Pipeline Tools

Art production consulting, asset creation and tool development are the bread and butter of Mortar Art. With half a decade’s experience developing and utilising technical art for fast paced production of 3D art, the focus of Mortar Art is to free up your artistic resources. Whether that is by providing plugins for products such as 3Ds MAX, or by establishing a pipeline to get high poly scans into a real time engine as fast as possible, we’re willing to do it on site, or remotely.

3D Printing

Printing at Mortar Art is utilised for graphic art, industrial & light aerospace prototyping and purpose built devices for other services. Prototype production is streamlined by experience in 3D design, engineering, tool-making and the Makerbot Replicator 2. Small to medium batch production is outsourced to reduce costs and lead times. An example of this service is this 3D printed logo for Wicked Witch Software, which was designed and printed in a day.


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3D Scanning

Scanning is used at Mortar Art to aid in printing, prototyping and 3D art production. With semi-automated processes, game or animation ready models can be produced with very short turn-arounds and costs, while real world details can be incorporated into scaled, graphical replicas.



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